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Klient z Pakistanu odwiedził naszą firmę

Czas: 2016-08-15 Trafienia: 12

W dniu 11 sierpnia 2016 r. Pan Abdullah Ferozone, jeden z naszych klientów z Pakistanu, odwiedził naszą firmę w celu realizacji projektu zakupu oraz długoterminowej współpracy.
After inspecting Tencan workshop, processing and watching operation of our machines, he was impressed by all kinds of laboratory ball mills and particularly satisfied with two models among our machines. One model is full-directional planetary ball mill which is designed to solve problems for some materials such as sinking to the bottom of jar, sticking to the jar wall. Another model is planetary ball mill equipped with cryogenic device which is designed to reduce high temperature in grinding process.
Finally, Mr. Abdullah Ferozone was very pleased to tell us that they will consider to place a trial order amounting about USD10,000.00. He also hope this trial order will start a mutual cooperation between us.

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Visiting the workshop and inspecting our machines (1)


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